Betans Family Members 10/22/2019 9:29pm (UTC)


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FAMILY OF NDMC, Misayap, Cotabato

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  Beta Sigma Omega Phi
  Salient Features
The Beta Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity and Sorority was founded by three students binding themselves as one for a common aspiration and mission to formulate a group which is now widely scattered not only in the Philippines but to the remotest part of the world.

These student founders were Frederick Loor, Frank and Remy Galvizo of whom one of the brilliant and enthusiast students of the University of Bohol whose hometown were from the different places in Vizayas and in Mindanao.

These founders walked barefooted in the hills of Bohol sacrificing theselves with a lot of human efforts to realized thier optimum goal of putting up a highly moraled fraternity, the Beta Sigma Omega Phi.

With thier utmost sacrifices, on October 10, 1968 the aforementioned fraternity was born. Thus on their first strike of Initiation they had successfully bearfruits with a dozen of neophytes who survived and became the first batch of the fraternity and these neophytes had also dreamed and committed to dedicate themselves to bearfruits bountifully.

From that time on, the Beta Sigma Omega Phi spreadout to various distinguished universities and colleges in the Philippines until it reached out and grew deeper to any places in the world.
Engr. Frederick Loor
Engr. Frank Paz Jr.
Remy Galvezo
  Members and Contact numbers
Jesser T. Pairat - 09284061211Sm
09067150028 gl
Engr. Carlito Gaas
Engr. Noel Mundo - 09065127975
Engr. Joretto Almonia -
Egnr. Joel Lumacang 09186882290
Engr. Louie Danlag 09177103732
Engr. Maximo Rellita
Engr. Jake
Eng. Paler Madeja
Engr Rodulfo Lumacang
Engr William Facinabao
Junefranze Manuel - abroad
Richard Cabilitis
Rene Celestial
Engr Georgen Dal
Juanilio Alin Jr
Carlos Andoy
Alvin Manriquez
Loreto Galindo
PO1Dennis Chavez - 09184283440
Rosabel Dagting
Elmer Navarro
Leonill Aton
Ruth Badana
Asther Roldan
Engr Jesus Llesis
Evaristo Arnejo
Romel Astillo
Riches Fiola
Jerryval Cabaran
Rolando Lapizar
Joel Bulay
Aicie Tomaquin
Alma Belinda Vale
Irvin Balibay
Silvestee Latada
Benjie Balaba
Ronillo Taboclaon
Saidamen Salindawan
Clark-Al Importante
Michael Cabanas
Jonrey Madeloso
Rexon Ipanag
Angel Banguis
Noel Buhay
Richard Lebadesos
Edwin Jadman Jr.
Julius Mar Tejada
Anthony Acain
Marlon Lebadesos
Saulo Nulo
Vicente Gamotin Jr
Jefred Echen
Bryan Agdon
Francis Amarga 09162416815
Joel Lustre
Filmore Lustre
James Balaba
Robertito T. Simon
Gerry Paradero
Jeffrey Gelicame
Gunder Calipay 09284060797
Michael Rey Agonia
Carmelie Sagrado 09208611640
Mark Maputi
Lanilyn Cabanero
Steffany Ismael
Hiezzel Patiño
Ma. Socorro Ofredo
Ryan Dela Cruz
Marvin Anaya
John Michael Visande
Johnny Dionaldo
Menio Dionaldo
Charly Macadangdang
Lemuel Aparece 09215752976
Michael Galorio
Alvin Bernardo 09198969590
Rico Abragan
Rygen Dalayat
Michelle Villaruz
Irben Balibay
Albert Daquio
Ronaldo Panis
Ritche Yandug
Rodolfo Dumayaca
Liberato Cortez
Eldie Carcosa
Anthony Galorio 09187132649
Michael Bolanio
Archie Bayta
Jannie Pacanut
Ernesto Adao
Shean Rey Viola
Allan Gambuta
Alejandro Ranis
Jiffy Mellenis
Mos-ab Lucman
Jantte Lago
April Rhose Tan
Michael Cuizon
Joville Ranara
Erlan John Panti
Arcelyn Pader
Abdali Lucman
Mohammad Casidar
Francis Amarga
Florentino Fortes III
Brian Borja
Johnny Dionaldo
Mark Irvin Rubillar
Reneri Amarille
Ariel Binarao
Joel Lustre
Rustico Gomez
Benjamen Actub 09225406608
Dexter Villadores

Every 1st Sememster the Betans are holding a community service - a clean up and or any tasks approved by the majority.

For the second semester, the majority of the members commited to visit the Bahay Ampunan such as Home fot the Street Children and Home for the Elderly



-1st Sem 1st Executive Meeting
- Betans Submission of members to the OSA


- Betans Aquaintance Party
- Betans Orientation and Initiation


- 1st Sem 2nd Executive Meeting
- Orientation and Initiation
- Community Service around the City: Clean Up Drive
- Civic Parade: Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta


- Betans Orientation and Initiation
- preparing for the Anniversary


- Betans Grand Day: Anniversary/Foundation
- Betans General Assembly Meeting
- Installation of the New Officers
- Giving of deserving Betans the plaques, Awards and certificates


- 2nd Sem 1st Executive Meeting
- Betans Orientation and Initiation


- Betans Christmas Party
- Giving Alay to the Street Children and Home for the Aged


- 2nd Sem 2nd Executive Meeting
- Financial Accounting
- Betans Orientation and Initiation


- Betans Heart Celebration
- Betans Giving of Flowers to Teachers


- 2nd Sem 3rd Executive Meeting
- Betans Orientation and Initiation
- Giving the Graduating Betans medals as leader of the community

April - May

- Betans rest months from the hectic activities during the school year round

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